in Sterilizer/Autoclave
Maintenance & Repair

Quality Sterilizer Services, Inc... a Texas based, 100% Veteran Owned, small business corporation, has over 25 years of experience in the service industry. Our owners owned and operated the largest 3rd-Party Service Company in the USA before being purchased by a major manufacturer. Moving to Texas in 2013, they started
QSS Quality Sterilizer Services, Inc

We specialize in the service repair and preventative maintenance of Steam Sterilizers & Autoclaves, Washing Equipment including Washer Sterilizers, Glassware Washers, Instrument Washers, Tunnel Washers, and Rack & Cage Washers.

We also service repair, and perform preventative maintenance on Sterile Processors, Water Systems, Bedding Dispensers, Bottle Fillers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Steam Generators, Tissue Digesters, Environmental Chambers, Dryers, Ovens, Warming Cabinets, as well as Surgical Lights & Surgical Tables.

Our Customer base ranges from companies in the Life Sciences, Research, Education, Testing, and Medical Industries.

How We Save Our Customers Money

QSS works hard to keep your equipment running at the optimum level of performance. Through routine Preventative Maintenance, we can extend the life of your equipment thus providing overall savings for your company. We understand the importance of effective cost management and we partner with you to provide responsive quality service needed in today’s competitive environment.

Because QSS does not sell product, we can give you an honest, unbiased assessment of the serviceability and reliability of specific makes and models. We service them all, but each manufacturer can have their own strengths and weaknesses. Navigating through the purchasing of new equipment can prove to be a challenge. QSS will stand with you and support you during the decision-making process.

Need Us Now? You Got It!

Preventative Maintenance and Service Repair work meets all necessary manufacturer specifications. Additionally, because our focus is a commitment to keeping your equipment functioning properly, we strive to have the best response time in the industry. No more waiting for days to have someone respond to your service needs. We do it within 1 hour of your request.

Most important is what our customers say about us. “QSS goes beyond the scope of just servicing our equipment. They take the extra steps to cover our backs.” “QSS Rocks! “, “Your response time is excellent. “ “QSS offers the best service! We enjoy and appreciate having QSS take care of our equipment.” “Many thanks for the outstanding customer support! QSS to the rescue”.